Media landscape in 2018

Capturing attention and value in today's global multi-speed media landscape has never been more challenging. 
The past 20 years have brought a wave of disruption in technologies, distribution, and formats. All this, plus the resulting shifts in user behavior, are eroding the once-solid borders defining industries and pushing the boundary of what it means to be a “media company.” Entertainment & media companies are fighting to navigate through the landscape and answer questions like:

  • How can we use data analytics while establishing trust?
  • How can we break through all the noise and retain consumer attention?
  • How can we continue to innovate while staying true to our authentic voice?

Understanding where consumers and advertisers are spending their money in the entertainment and media industry can help inform many important business decisions. But being able to find comparable data, for multiple entertainment and media segments and countries and from a single source, can be a challenge.

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